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Tourist Boat Tours in Seattle, WA

Explore the stunning and iconic scenery of Seattle, WA, like you never have before with tourist boat tours from Soundview Sunset Cruises. We have a variety of boat tours at different points of the day for a unique experience you will never forget.

Whether you want to see all of what Seattle and the surrounding areas have to offer from a new perspective, have a one-of-a-kind swim in Seattle’s Lake Union and Lake Washington, or celebrate a special occasion, we have the perfect cruise experience for you. We also have a custom cruise option to further tailor your experience to your needs and desires.

Reach out to us today to book your cruise, and in the meantime, continue exploring this page to learn more about how our cruises can take your tour of Seattle to a whole new level!

Unforgettable Boat Tours in Seattle

Experience the beauty of Seattle from the water with our boat tours! Our guided tours take you through the stunning waters surrounding Seattle, providing you with breathtaking views of the city skyline and the surrounding natural scenery.

During our tours, you’ll have the chance to see iconic landmarks like the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market, as well as some of the city’s hidden gems that are only visible from the water. Other incredible views that you will see include:

–       The iconic floating homes

–       100-year-old bridges

–       Beautiful famous Gasworks Park

–       Active Perigean Falcon and Bald Eagle nests

–       U of W Stadium

–       Longest floating bridge in North America

–       A 100-year-old draw bridge that is the most active drawbridge in North America

–       Mansions

–       Richest Men in The World Mansions

Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will provide you with interesting facts and stories about the city and its history, making for a truly enriching and memorable experience.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our boat tours are a unique and unforgettable way to see the city and create lasting memories for you and up to 5 other friends. Book your tour today and get ready to discover the beauty of Seattle from a whole new perspective!

You can book a tour by contacting us directly. Don’t forget to review our policies and additional information so you can know what to expect. We look forward to creating an unforgettable experience for your visit to Seattle, WA!

Here are some cruising options for you to explore. Choose an out-of-the-box cruise or use these as a jumping off point for you own cruise creation; include time for a swim, celebrate a special moment or event, take in sites that you’d like to see from the water.

Our cruise pricing is based on the number of people and hours on the water. Due to higher fuel costs, we have had to raise our prices.

Seattle from the back of the Rainbird, cruising Lake Union

1 Hour Cruise and Photo Op

Sunset Cruise

Holiday Cruises

Morning Cruise – 9am

Mid-Day Cruise – 12pm

Afternoon Cruise – 3pm

Seattle Mansions – 1pm

Custom Cruises

UW Sailgate Cruises

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